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Spitzer and Hubble Create Colorful Masterpiece

It matters what we think about evolution. Trying to understand reality without an evolutionary worldview is like trying to understand infection without microscopes or the structure of the Universe without telescopes. It’s not merely difficult; it’s impossible. . . . Until we see the entire history of the Universe as scripture, and create laws and incentives that align the self-interests of individuals, corporations, and nations with the wellbeing of life as a whole, we will continue to toxify the air, water, and soil, drive other species to extinction, and be hounded by religious, political, social, and economic crises. . . . Until we learn to see through sacred deep-time eyes, atheists and fundamentalists will continue to blame each other for the world’s ills, liberals and conservatives will keep trashing one another, and, collectively, we will fail to see that enormous global challenges are divine evolutionary drivers guiding us to greatness. It matters what we think about evolution!  Thank God for evolution! 

  Michael Dowd, LITANY: It Matters What We Think About Evolution!





Something Bigger than Life is Trying to Work Through Us  by Tom Atlee  8/8/09  - More and more, I feel called to talk about crises, as creatively and usefully as I can.  Evolution always speeds up in the verges, the edges, the crises, the between-worlds spaces where anything can happen.... Our emerging crises are a call to become wiser, collectively -- to become the deep collective wisdom and monumental creativity of evolution, itself, becoming conscious through us.  And we, on that edge, are speeding toward a whole new identity, a whole new Story of who we are and what we are about.


Awakening to Our Role in The Great Work  by Stephanie Kaza  - Thomas Berry breaks new ground in The Great Work, with a reassessment of "wild" as it applies to both humans and nature. As environmental crises multiply around the globe, Berry offers the alternative of deeply affirming the sacred quality of the Earth. For him this is not merely an idealized goal, but a necessity, if the present Cenozoic era is not to be a terminal phase. Berry is candid in expressing his sense of foreboding in assessing the "extensive disarray in the biological structure and functioning of the planet." Not only does this threaten the stability of life on the planet, but it signals a painful loss of human intimacy with the natural word, overridden by the primacy of the economic order. Associated with this loss is the deterioration of a sense of mystery and capacity for celebrating the vast wonders of the universe.


The Evolutionary Worldview by Tom Atlee - The application of the evolutionary worldview to personal and social affairs, including social action and philanthropy, is relatively new.  This current initiative is grounded in an emerging evolutionary spiritual movement that is part of that trend.  This is an introduction to this perspective, and how it can be applied to life, and how it fits within the larger field of spiritual traditions.


The Big Picture:  The Larger Context for All Human Activities, by Michael Dowd  (with bibliography)


Understanding Our Moment In History:   An Interview with Richard Tarnas by Scott London


What Is The New Cosmology?  By Brian Swimme


The Ecozoic Era  by Thomas Berry  1991 - The changes presently taking place in human and earthly affairs are beyond any parallel with historical change or cultural modification as these have occurred in the past. This is not like the transition from the classical period to the medieval period or from the medieval to the modern period. These changes reach far beyond the civilizational process, beyond even the human process, into the biosystems and even the geological structures of the Earth itself.


Thomas Berry, Writer and Lecturer With a Mission for Mankind, Dies at 94  by Andrew C. Revkin  6/1/09  - Thomas Berry, a Roman Catholic priest who called himself a “geologian” and whose influential writings were an early call to humanity to save nature in order to save itself, died in his birthplace, Greensboro, N.C., on Monday. He was 94. Dr. Berry’s books and lectures inspired a devoted lineage of academicians and environmentalists to explore the interface of religion, human nature and ecology.  Beginning in the 1980s, wrote a string of books relating cultural and spiritual evolution to the natural history of the planet and the universe.


The Great Worker  by Andrew C. Revkin  6/4/09  - Thomas Berry, who died at 94 on Monday, leaves behind a global following of academics, environmentalists, writers, educators and other people who found inspiration in his message: that awe for the cosmos, particularly this pale blue dot called Earth, could foster a transition to a new way of being for humankind, more in balance with nature’s limits. He said humanity was poised to shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric view. He called the effort to make this transition “The Great Work.”


Comprehensive Compassion, an Interview with Brian Swimme

by Susan Bridle


Cosmology of a Living Universe   Several articles by Duane Elgin


The Evolutionary Context of an Emerging Planetary Civilization by Mary Evelyn Tucker & Brian Swimme


The Universe Story
:  A version by Patricia Gordon


Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris



Read, Watch and/or Listen


Thank God for Evolution: Michael Dowd’s website, including blog


The Evolutionary Evangelist: Michael Dowd’s blog archive on science, spirituality, and evolution.


Awakening the Impulse to Evolve: The Birth of Evolutionary Spirituality – a 12-part audio seminar with pioneers in the evolution of consciousness and new cosmology.  Includes interviews with Michael Dowd, Brian Swimme, Tom Atlee, Connie Barlow and more.


Thomas Berry reading passages from The Great Work - audio


Thomas Berry Videos on YouTube


Brian Swimme Videos on YouTube


Ecology: A New Story - beautiful lecture by Brian Swimme (2009) on the sacred dimension of the new cosmology, with slides.


Integral with the Planet  with Brian Swimme, illustrated with pictures and music


All Nourishing Abyss  with Brian Swimme on the creativity of the quantum vacuum


Radiance  with Brian Swimme – We are surrounded by beings that are just crammed with the radiance of 14 billion years.


Global Mindshift  with Brian Swimme, Duane Elgin and others.


The Darwin Project    What Darwin said about the evolution of the human mind, and species, that has been suppressed!


The Earth Charter


Evolutionary Life - An e-magazine for those inspired by sacred, meaningful understandings of the evolutionary story of the universe.


The Evolutionary Times  - Newsletter of Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow on the unfolding evolutionary movement  

Barbara  Marx Hubbard & Michael Dowd

The Conversation of the CenturyA free email newsletter from Barbara Marx Hubbard profiling her “extraordinary evolutionary colleagues.” 


Humanity Ascending - A visionary film about conscious evolution with Barbara Marx Hubbard


Evolvea Global Community Center for Conscious Evolution


Conscious Evolutionarticles by Tom Atlee


Thomas Berry and the Earth Community  -  The Earth Community website presents the far-reaching vision of American writer Thomas Berry, a leading ecological and ethical thinker, about the role of humanity within nature and about our relationship with the Earth and the Universe.


Center for Earth Jurisprudence  - CEJ’s mission is to re-envision law and governance in ways that support and protect the health and well being of the Earth community as a whole. CEJ seeks to develop a philosophy and practice of law that respect the rights of the natural world and recognize humans as an integral member of the Earth community.


The Great Work:  Thomas Berry slideshows


Bounce or Crash with Duane Elgin


Living in a Living Universe  with Duane Elgin


The Great Story – Michael Dowd & Connie Barlow’s first website with many useful resources.

Epic of Evolution – resources from the Rainforest Information Center


Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness – A Master’s and Ph.D. program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, in which Richard Tarnas and Brian Swimme are core faculty. A growing consensus among scientists, scholars, and visionaries is that our world is facing an unprecedented evolutionary challenge. The ecological, political, and spiritual crisis of late modernity calls for a fundamental reorientation of our civilization, including a transformation of both our institutions and our own consciousness. The cultural historian Thomas Berry has called this task the "Great Work."  This program is designed to help shape the intellectual, moral, and spiritual leadership necessary for meeting this historic challenge.


An Emerging Universe Story  by Jennifer Morgan  2007 - Inspired by the work of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Maria Montessori, and numerous others, Jennifer Morgan studied cosmology, evolutionary biology and anthropology, and worked with numerous scientists to write a universe story trilogy for the children, illustrated by Dana Lynn Andersen. Each book has a story section targeted for the elementary level and middle school level and a science concept section in the back for teachers and parents. The books are now used in classrooms around the world.


Carl Sagan - Cosmos Intro


Carl Sagan – Cosmos



Dying Star HD 44179 - the “Red Rectangle,” Sculpts Rungs of Gas and Dust

[G]o back to the birth of the galaxies. There was one moment when the galaxies could form, not before or after. That's like our moment right now, I think. See, this is the moment for the planet to awaken to itself through the human, so that the actual dynamics of evolution have an opportunity to awaken and to begin to function at that level. It couldn't happen before, you know. And the amazing thing is, it probably won't happen afterwards. If we don't make this transition, most likely the creativity of the planet will be in such a degraded state that we won't be able to make that move. The chilling thing is that, in the universe, the really creative places can lose their creativity.  — Brian Swimme, Comprehensive Compassion,


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