by Suzanne Duarte




Spectators © Michelle Waters




Realizing the Significance

 of Our Time in History

 makes all the difference

 between acting on behalf

 of the future

 or not.


To realize the significance

 of our time in history

 is to remind ourselves

 what we're here for.


We aren't here

 to perpetuate the past!


We're here to create

 a different kind of future.

 We're here in this time,

 this lifetime,

 to realize we have a choice.


We don't HAVE to believe

 that "things have always

 been this way,"

 that human nature

 is violent and greedy,

 that there's nothing we can do

 to change the way things are.


Who told you that, anyway?

 What if it isn't true?

 What if the world is waiting

 for you to wake up

 to far grander possibilities

 than your private pleasures

 and miseries?


What if the future is counting on you

 to make its potentials possible?

 What if the continued existence

 of millions of plants

 and animals

 and children

 depends on your waking up

 to the significance of our time?


What if the sixth great extinction

 could be stopped cold in its tracks

 if we all woke up

 to the aliveness of every living being?


What if all of evolution

 has striven to bring humans

 to this very point -

 the realization that

 another world is possible,

 that we have a choice,

 and the future depends on it?


As species lay dying,

 can you look them in the eye,

 and say, "Oh, well,

 things have always been this way"?


Or will you open your heart

 to future generations

 of all beings,

 because you know:

 this is the Turning Point,

 the Time of the Great Turning,

 and you are here

 for the Great Work

 of birthing and caring for

 a future worth living in,

 a future worth living for?


March 2002




© 2009 Suzanne Duarte